Submit 311 Complaints Online

Apartment complaints including heat/hot water, bed bugs, rodents, sewer backup, mold, water in basement, lead paint, electrical and other problems may be entered online via the City of New York 311 website.


After your information is reported, you will receive an email with a service request number, date and time submitted, and a link for the service request details. The service request link contains the request number, creation date, request type, details, incident address, borough, status, last update, and next update due.


Building-wide and individual apartment complaints may be entered.

Please note that heat and hot water complaints can also be addressed by requesting an independent boiler inspection.

Tenants have a right to request such an independent review, particularly in cases where the owner self-certifies or when inspections are conducted by plumbing contractors who regularly perform plumbing-related work on the property and, as such, are basically contractors loyal to the wishes of the owner.