Stop Work Orders? Fuggetaboutit!

Although there was a Stop Work Order in effect at 102 West 86th Street, this did not stop Rick Eisenberg and company from building an exterior deck on the roof of the 2nd floor rear apartment and converting a window into a full-length french door resulting in a “change of use” (from roof to deck) and a “change in egress” (from window to door) in a landmark building, no less. Construction permit? Fuggetaboutit!

Although many complaints were filed with the DOB, and an inspector actually was able to view the deck as witnessed by a tenant in the building, the issue is closed on the DOB web site claiming they were “unable to gain access”. Hmmm…..Actually, it’s really astonishing to note the low ratio of complaints to violations in many of their buildings.

Meanwhile, here are some pics of the deck construction which was built by a small army at an amazing pace within five days between May 8th and May 13th, 2008:




This is the same building that recently converted two apartments on the top floor into one apartment so that it would no longer be governed under rent stabilization rules. Cute!

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