Fire Blazes at Combustible Wood-Framed 101 West 85th Street Brockholst


On Christmas Eve morning, 2012, Mary Gaydos, a rent controlled tenant allegedly received her buyout check and deposited it into her bank account. Around 9:55 a.m., a tenant on the other side of the 6th floor smelled smoke and called 911. Mary Gaydos had fled the inferno in her apartment without knocking on any of her neighbors’ doors (some of whom she had known for more than 30 years) to warn them while leaving the front door to her apartment wide open. She moved to Ohio thereafter.

The Fire Department arrived within 3 minutes; Some firemen cut a hole in the roof for the smoke to escape. Other firemen walked up the stairs with the hose ready while others evacuated apartments. Some climbed the ladder as shown in the photo, above. At least one person was carried by them down the stairs to safety.  She was later treated for smoke inhalation and carbon monoxide poisoning at Roosevelt Hospital. It took the firemen approximately one hour to contain the fire.

According to the Fire Department Incident Report, the building is a non-fireproof structure. While the cause of the fire is listed as “Electrical Wiring” on the Fire Incident Report, the Detector Type, Power, and Operation are listed as Undetermined. Under the Fire Incident Report’s Origin and Extension, it states: “No Access” and Physical examination precluded due to evidence and fire area being cleaned up prior to the arrival of the undersigned investigator.” 

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One of the tenants graciously sent these photos of the apartment after the fire: