AirBNB Covers Market Rate Tenants’ Rents – At a Profit

Many short-term airBNB subtenants in NYC wander around buildings confused with keys and a printed email in one hand, pulling luggage with the other, then leave the noisy apartment doors open, allow their pets and children to run wild in the hallways, let anyone in the front doors to the buildings after them, and may make copies of front door and other keys.

The tenants who illegally sublet their entire apartments in NYC via airBNB must be oblivious to zoning and licensing, building, fire, safety, and security issues. Apparently, they have not read NY State Senator Liz Kuger’s Answers for New Yorkers Concerned or Confused About the Illegal Hotel Law.

At one upper west side building, market rate tenants turn a profit on their destabilized apartments. For example, in an apartment renting for approximately $6,000 per month, there is a couple who rent out their entire two bedroom duplex penthouse apartment by the night for $375, by the week for $2,625, or by the month for $11,130 according to their listing on airBNB.

The entire listing with over 30 pictures of their apartment and a few of the building itself may be found here although we suspect that they may remove it shortly as neighbors have expressed their safety and security concerns directly to the couple. No matter, SOMEONE has all the screen shots.


In addition, another couple in the same building who also rent out their entire apartment on a short-term basis, leaked their 7 page illegal subtenant/guest instructions.
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Their profile page was probably deleted by now.