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“ We cannot withdraw our cards from the game. Were we as silent and mute as stones, our very passivity would be an act. ”
— Jean-Paul Sartre

Tenant Justice presents NYC Landlord Atrocities and NYC Tenant Solutions/Resources/Responses to them by:

Enabling communication/knowledge sharing between tenants of Mary Schreiber, Leah Eisenberg, Betty Retter, and Margot Pollak, sisters executing the Chiel Rosenblatt family charitable foundation trust and possibly other trusts with rental income often paid through Daniel Service Co for the following buildings:

West 92 Street LLC at 51 West 92nd Street, Regina Estates at 100 West 86th Street, 85 Columbus Corp at 101 West 85th Street, Embel Realty at 102 West 86th Street, Ennismore Apartments, Inc at 120 West 79th Street, Riverside Syndicate, Inc at 155 Riverside Drive, Bedford Apartments Co, LLC at 166 West 86th Street, Regina Metropolitan Co, LLC at 27 West 96th Street, West 88 Street, LLC at 205 West 88th Street, Georgia Properties, Inc at 275 Central Park West, Oxford Towers, LLC at 280 Riverside Drive, 290 Riverside Co at 290 Riverside Drive, 305 Riverside Co at 305 Riverside Drive, Tulip Apartments at 412 West 110th Street, Mayflower Development Corp at 425 Riverside Drive, Hitchcock Plaza, Inc at 610 Amsterdam Avenue, Kent Equities at 760 Amsterdam Avenue, Atlantic Realty Apts, LLC at 900 West End Avenue, and West 122nd Street LLC at 515 West 122nd Street and 521 West 122nd Street. Most Manhattan properties are registered with HPD with Ari Paul as managing agent.

Neilson Gardens Inc at 1014 Neilson Street, Far Rockaway, ABK Apts Inc at 209-30 43 Avenue, Bayside, WPH Apts Inc at 211-01 42 Avenue, Bayside, SHR Apts Inc at 42-11 Corporal Kennedy Street, 42-41 Corporal Kennedy Street, 210-01 43 Avenue, 210-02 42 Avenue, and 42-34 212 Street, Bayside, Arizona Holding Corp at 84-50 Austin Street, and Braddock Garden Apts. Inc at 89-39 221st Place and 221-35 90 Avenue, Queens Village. Queens properties display HPD registration of Ohad Badani, RCR Management as managing agent.

New Jersey:
Dumont Terrace Apartments Inc at 110 Dulles Drive, Dumont, Marble Court Apts LLC at 121 Ayers Court, Teaneck, Elmwood Terrace Inc at 216 14th Ave, Elmwood, Sunnyside Village Inc at 216 N 4th Street, Vineland, Franklin Gardens Inc at 257 7th Street Clifton, Eldorado Village LLC at 302 High Street, Fairlawn, Glenwood Plaza Inc at 42 Elmwood Terrace, Elmwood Park, Maybrook Gardens Inc at 6 Maywood Drive, Maywood, Rosen Terrace Inc at 8900 Blvd East, North Bergen, and Jefferson Gardens Inc at 90 Day Street, Clifton.

 Most properties in Manhattan are managed by Ari Paul, managing agent of RCR Management Services, a corporation with shares allegedly owned by Richard Eisenberg of Lawrence, LI (son of Leah Eisenberg).

Some banks, for example Sovereign Bank, collect rent directly to cover the mortgage before forwarding the balance to the owner. Sovereign Bank is now a subsidiary/was taken over by Santander, one of the five largest banks in the world by profit with an increasing NYC presence. Several Santander employees have taken residence in at least one of the above buildings.

As of December 2009, mortgages are signed for by Mary Schreiber. The transfer of shares in 92 Morningside Avenue and 98 Morningside Avenue were executed by Daniel Retter, son of Marcus Retter and Betty (nee Rosenblatt) Retter to Baruch Singer in 2002, shortly before the fire that displaced nearly 270 people as described in the New York Times. Daniel Retter as representative for yet another set of family trusts has signed for the mortgage in the recent purchase of 55 West 92nd Street in Manhattan.

Baruch a/k/a Barry Singer has notoriety due to his consistent placement in the top 10 slumlords list which showed what had been done by 10 moral offenders by analyzing code violations and court proceedings, and through interviews with tenants, organizers, and housing officials. The list by the Village Voice was discontinued since 2006 because there were too many slumlords in NYC to fit into the list. The March 2010 list is published in a two part series: New York’s Ten Worst Landlords, Part 1 and New York’s Ten Worst Landlords, Part 2.

Elevators seem to be an ever-present problem in NYC. Edward Helig, a retired schoolteacher, fell to his death in an elevator shaft at 168 West 86th Street on November 28, 2004, apparently after an ongoing 10 years in housing court with the building management. He reputedly brought a filing cabinet full of papers to each housing court proceeding. The full story of his very unfortunate accident is described in an article by Janon Fisher and Michael Wilson in the New York Times.

Current tenants should be apprised of individual building and apartment conditions in order to avoid such events. Communication and knowledge sharing among the tenants of ALL the buildings is the major goal of this blogging endeavor.

I may be contacted at tenantjustice@gmail.com. We hope to arrange an actual meeting venue in the future in order to fully develop an organized approach, methodology and strategy that would facilitate a decent quality of residential life for tenants of ALL the buildings.

Property Ownership Information
All property ownership information was compiled from publicly available databases on the Internet, including HPD, Property Shark, ACRIS (Automated City Register Information System), CoStar (Commercial MLS), Accurint (Accurate Intelligence), NYC Department of Finance and others. Should you know of additional properties, please email me the addresses and their publicly available sources and I will include them. I also welcome your comments, photos, stories, videos, and any corrections or additions. Thank you!

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