Thinking of Living in Dumont Terrace Apartments?

Below are a few reviews excerpts from tenants of Dumont Terrace Apartments from, providing some evidence of a reliably consistent mismanagement style:

02/02/2010 A year of HELL NO 2.0
I was a former tenant and never want to relive that experience. There is not enough parking spaces for ALL the people who live there. There is a rule in that town that you can not park infront of the … more
08/04/2009 poor maintenance NO 2.0
these apartments were lovely and well maintained up until about 18 months ago. now the grass is cut maybe once every 3 weeks and this is in the height of summer. as i write this the grass in front of … more
04/13/2009 terrible NO 1.0
the neigbors are down right unfriendly and noisy. The apartments get a bare minimum fix up when you move in and soon after the cracks in the slapped on paint begin to appear and you realize you overpaid the realtor … more
03/15/2009 Too much noise from kids and barking dogs! NO 3.0
I have been a tenant for 20 years. I have endured screaming kids under my windows and the barking dog in the ground floor apartment as well as yapping dogs in this court. No upgrades are made for current tenant (ie … more
08/20/2007 So far so good YES 3.0
I moved in here a few weeks ago and I found and read all these reviews after I signed the lease…I got real nervous. But everything has been great! The kitchen, windows, and vanity in the bathroom is all new. … more
08/14/2007 I enjoyed every minute of this place except…. YES 3.0
06/12/2007 The worst place to live in NJ NO 1.0
04/12/2007 Shocked!!! NO 1.0
01/17/2007 Steer Clear of Rental Agent!!!!!!!! NO 2.0
07/24/2006 Speaking from Experience NO 1.0
07/23/2006 BEWARE NO 1.0
03/14/2005 avoid at all costs NO 2.0
11/11/2004 Go for better if you can… NO 2.0
08/30/2004 OVERALL AWFUL NO 1.0
04/09/2003 better than a cardboard box? maybe NO 3.0

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Bill de Blasio’s NYC Slumlord Watch List is Filling Up

Residents can submit their buildings for consideration using a simple form on the Web.

On September 12, 2009, Bill de Blasio announced the creation of his NYC Slumlord Watch List to call attention to negligent landlords who continually violate city housing laws. Landlords qualify for the Watch List when their housing fails to meet minimum health and safety standards and has open, life threatening violations. Specifically, buildings with fewer than 35 units must have an average of three open, serious violations (B and C violations) per unit. Larger buildings must have an average of at least two open serious violations (B and C violations) per unit. Documented violations may be found on the HPD website which also includes complaints placed through the city’s 3-1-1 line.

The Watch List has been updated weekly based on submissions from New Yorkers. Have you checked to see whether your landlord’s mismanagement of your building qualifies for inclusion on the NYC Slumlord Watch List?


Eisenberg Retter Schreiber Pollak Families’ Property List Update includes Manhattan, Queens, and New Jersey

Ownership of all properties remains within the families of the four sisters, while Mary Schreiber is listed as Head Officer and Richard Eisenberg is listed as Officer of the Manhattan and Queens real estate. The updated list now includes their following properties, mostly managed by Ari Paul under RCR Management LLC at 155 Riverside Drive, New York, NY 10024:

Regina Estates at 100 West 86th Street, 85 Columbus Corp at 101 West 85th Street, Embel Realty at 102 West 86th Street, Ennismore Apartments, Inc at 120 West 79th Street, Riverside Syndicate, Inc at 155 Riverside Drive, Bedford Apartments Co, LLC at 166 West 86th Street, Regina Metropolitan Co, LLC at 21 West 96th Street, West 88 Street, LLC at 205 West 88th Street, Georgia Properties, Inc at 275 Central Park West, Oxford Towers, LLC at 280 Riverside Drive, 290 Riverside Co at 290 Riverside Drive, 305 Riverside Co at 305 Riverside Drive, Tulip Apartments at 412 West 110th Street, Mayflower Development Corp at 425 Riverside Drive, Hitchcock Plaza, Inc at 610 Amsterdam Avenue, Kent Equities at 760 Amsterdam Avenue, Atlantic Realty Apts, LLC at 900 West End Avenue, and West 122nd Street LLC at 515 West 122nd Street and 521 West 122nd Street. Most Manhattan properties are registered with HPD with Ari Paul as managing agent.

Neilson Gardens Inc at 1014 Neilson Street, Far Rockaway, ABK Apts Inc at 209-30 43 Avenue, Bayside, WPH Apts Inc at 211-01 42 Avenue, Bayside, SHR Apts Inc at 42-11 Corporal Kennedy Street,
42-41 Corporal Kennedy Street, 210-01 43 Avenue, and 210-02 42 Avenue, Bayside, Arizona Holding Corp at 84-50 Austin Street, and Braddock Garden Apts. Inc at 89-39 221st Place and 221-35 90 Avenue, Queens Village. Queens properties display HPD registration of Ohad Badani, RCR Management as managing agent.

New Jersey:
Dumont Terrace Apartments Inc at 110 Dulles Drive, Dumont, Marble Court Apts LLC at 121 Ayers Court, Teaneck, Elmwood Terrace Inc at 216 14th Ave, Elmwood, Sunnyside Village Inc at 216 N 4th Street, Vineland, Franklin Gardens Inc at 257 7th Street Clifton, Eldorado Village LLC at 302 High Street, Fairlawn, Glenwood Plaza Inc at 42 Elmwood Terrace, Elmwood Park, Maybrook Gardens Inc at 6 Maywood Drive, Maywood, Rosen Terrace Inc at 8900 Blvd East, North Bergen, and Jefferson Gardens Inc at 90 Day Street, Clifton.

The additions have been added to the Property Profiles page.   More detailed research is on the way, including Brooklyn.

Special thanks to Lovely Rita.